About Us

We at Hi-Five are passionate about creating a unique experience for our beneficiaries to enjoy through the diverse services we have on offer.
Before going forward however, let's take a trip down memory lane...

Many moons ago - long before we were around, our sister company Youngstars was live and kicking and it had the pleasure of delivering Performing Arts activities and shows to over 2 thousand children and the local community in around Kensington and Chelsea. After over 10 years of service it was decided that Youngstars needed to expand the services it offered.

In December 2013 Youngstars served its last clients and closed it doors for the last time. A plan of action was then put into place as to how to positively build upon the successes and experience gained during Youngstars' decade of service in order to create something bigger and better going forward with the ultimate aim of serving more children and their families near and far. After much planning, bumps in the roads and finding new ways in which to create magic,
Hi-Five was born!

We are an oranisation who provide Enrichment Activities, Classes, Workshops and Services for children, young people and adults in and around Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham. We offer a varied and exciting program of activities both in house and in venues like schools and nurseries across London in conjunction with our outreach partners.

Our Mission Statement​

"To Inspire & Empower Children, Young People
and Adults to Realize their Highest Potential!​"

Our Menu
To include Daytime, After School, Weekend & Holiday Based Activities in:

-Multi Sorts
-Martial Arts
-Stage School
-Street Dance
-Creative Movement
-Creative Expression


In order to offer a greater depth to the classes we deliver, each of our in house activities offer a range of ways in which we recognise the accomplishments and growth of our students whilst encouraging them to further their skills if they so wish.

As an overview these include
-Team Building Trips
-Certificates and Awards
-Student Progress Reports
-End of Term Open Days & Shows
-In House Volunteering Opportunities for 12-19's

All Hi-Fivers are asked to wear uniform for each class they attend. This is for many reasons to include health & safety, to promote a sense of focus and team spirit, to foster professionalism and lastly, because we like our students to learn in style!

Quality Provision
We are committed to delivering Fun, Inspiring and Professional activities and services that our clients and students are excited about and want to attend so we prioritse delivering a top notch service that incorporates this intention in both our in house and outreach programs. Our skilled and experienced staff members will always do their best to uphold this goal and to create an enviroment that supports our students to make continued progress.

Equipment & Resources
For classes that need specific equipment like our Gymnastics and Sports sessions, we are committed to providing state of the art materials for our students to use to ensure they get maximum benefit from their classes and to expose them to industry standard resources so they're prepared for when they make it to the Olympics or the World Cup (if they choose to of course..  :0)

Loyalty Reward Program
It can take a lot to keep children and teens entertained and well nourished and more often than not they have a busier social diary than their parents! With life being busy for adults as well we believe that we have to give credit where credit is due and so we've created a loyalty reward program for those who pay their fees on time, for parents who ensure their children are consistently engaged and for those who are generally lots of fun to work with!

Fees & Term Dates
We want to do our best to see that everyone, irrespective of their situation has the opportunity to come on board and be a part of the Hi-Five Family. As a result we have a Standard Fee for our Services, a Concessionary Rate and a Scholorship Program to support all current and potential clients' circumstances.

To request a copy of our Timetable, Fees & Term Dates click here:  Timetable​​
Team Hi-Five
We are committed to doing our very best to ensure that our Hi-Fivers are in an environment that is Safe, Nurturing, Fun, Professional and Progressive. Therefore the activities we plan and deliver for our beneficiaries have this ethos at the heart of all that we do.

In order to help our students thrive, both practically, theorectically and emotionally, we have a fantastic, experienced and patient staff team who are highly skilled in their crafts whilst being able to engage their pupils in creative and successful ways supporting them to grow and  become the best they can be.

In addition to this - our staff are Motivating, Committed and Adaptable and all members of Team Hi-Five hold an Enhanced DBS along with Public Liability Insurance.

A Values Driven Service
​We aim to provide a service that is built upon a solid foundation for all members of the Hi-Five Family, children & adults alike, and as a result we embrace and incorporate a Values Driven Service some of which include:

-Solution Based Thinking

Having these principles interwoven into the fabric of our organisation and incorporating them into the everyday life at Hi-Five allows us to form a greater depth of connectedness between our parents, staff and children and in turn this promotes the well being and greater good of Hi-Five as a whole.

As well as the practical aspects of the work we do, this also strengthens the emotional and spiritual element of our work which is to successfully support all those we work with to soar, thrive and to encourage and help us all to operate at our highest potential at any given time.

Why Choose Hi-Five?
​Choosing the right provision and service for you or your child is important and we get that. So we've highlighted just a few points as to why choosing Hi-Five will be a great decision for you to make:

We Provide High Quality, Professional and Inspiring Enrichment  Activities for 2-12's, Teens & Adults on a weekly basis to include Holiday Camps

All New Students can Receive a Free Trial Session at the start of Each Term * (based on a £5 refundable deposit per class)

We aim to Support & Promote the growth of all Hi-Fivers Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and Spiritually

All Students can Enjoy & Benefit from a range of' Extras' that are Designed to Empower them to Grow and Thrive!

​We Welcome Clients from all Financial and Socioeconomic Backgrounds by Offering Rates for our Services which are based on each Clients Individual Circumstances

All Staff are Qualified, DBS Checked and Fully Insured

We are driven by Value Based Principles that are aimed at supporting all members of the Hi-Five Family to be the best they can be from the inside out

​For more information on how  to enrol click here Enrol